With digital images, endless alterations are possible. This page illustrates a few — but only a few — of the possibilities. I hope they'll give you some ideas about how your own photos could be improved.

To see the retouched version, move mouse over image.

Brighten eyes and add sparkle, whiten teeth, and correct underexposure.

Trim a little flab here ...

... or more flab there.

A shave ...

... and a haircut.

Lift drooping eyelids and remove bags from under eyes.

Do orthodontic work.

Straighten a crooked T-shirt.

Remove logo from shirt.

Turn day into night.

Turn a photo into a sketch.

Correct color cast.

Change fabric color.

Reduce dilated pupils.

Open constricted pupils.

Restore hair color.

Soften dry lips.

Perform nose surgery.

Straighten leaning buildings.

Wash a dog.

Remove flash glare from eyeglasses.

Remove street clutter and grow grass.

Replace a sky.

Wipe off drool and brighten happy little faces.